``Been a great journey..``

Its my fourth year at live on fitness, has been a great journey, more personalised than other gyms, you get to know the trainers a lot closer and so get better individual feedback, highly recommended, take the leap cheers Scott

``Great friendly environment...``

Great friendly environment for both men and women. Professional and motivating staff who make fitness hard but fun! You only get out what you put in which is why Adrian and his staff make classes so enjoyable and personal sessions result happy! They care about you and your progress. And at the end of the day you will earn that massage which they are also very good at! - Marissa

``I have never felt more motivated ...``

I have been a part of Live-On Health and Fitness for the past few years. In this time I have had many ups and downs with my training. I got lazy, didn't want to eat the right foods and at one stage got really bored with training.

Since starting personal training with Adrian and completing the 6 Week Transformation Challenge I have never felt more motivated and porous of what I have achieved. It hasn't been easy but my competitive nature helped me stay on the right track during the challenge. I have been shown the right foods for my body as well as been shown many different ways I can train to reach my goals. No two sessions are ever the same and I love all the different challenges that are thrown my way.

Adrian has supported and guided me through every step of my journey which I am grateful for. I still have a way to go but I know that my determination will help me get there.

Thank you to Adrian and Live-On Health and Fitness for supporting and helping me reach my goals!! - Lisa

``I get the fitness results i want..``

At Live-on I get the fitness results I want and actually enjoy going to the gym. Adrian and his team's personalized approach works for me, as I sometimes need assistance and guidance in my fitness routine.The friendly atmosphere, meeting up with the group on my training days, yoga classes and nutrition tips means Live-on is aligned with my all round approach to fitness and ticks all the boxes. - Greg

``Great atmosphere, great people...``

I've been to a fair few gyms and Live-on Health and Fitness is by far my favourite. Great atmosphere, great people and a lot of encouragement always. Adrian is an excellent Trainer and will always 100% make sure you achieve the goals you want to accomplish. Throughout the year we do different challenges which are always so much fun and the hardest worker wins a prize. Its such a friendly environment and as a team we all work hard. There are a great variety of classes and there is even yoga!! Give it a go people you definitely wont regret it !! - Hayley

``this guy has a GIFT...``

I've been working out with Adrian for a couple of months now, and I can't say enough good things about him. He's easy to talk to and doesn't balk at being peppered with questions. He truly wants you to get the most out of each session. I am constantly amazed that the days that I walk into a training session feeling low and unmotivated often wind up being the best workouts! I am definitely seeing results from the workouts (and his regular encouragement to eat clean definitely helps!), but this guy has a GIFT - both as a trainer, and (I would argue) a friend - to bring out the absolute best in people. If you're looking for a personal trainer, drop everything and contact Adrian! - Romeo


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