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Available Personal Training Session



Level: Very hard
Limit of participants

One on one training at Live-on Health and Fitness caters to your mind and body’s specific needs. We personalize your training regime to suit your postural build and assist you in your eating plan. We will encourage you to incorporate your training as part of your daily lifestyle to maximise results. A personal trainer is great way to hold you accountable to achieve your personal goals.

At Live-On Health and Fitness we see our personal trainers as more than coaches, they are friendly, supportive and are always happy to assist in all facets of life. Personal Trainers are great for both new starters and experienced clients. Personal trainers are a great way to educate and assist new starters with their training technique. For people who are experienced in fitness, one on one training ensures every session is different, challenging and pushes you to your limits.

One on one training adds that extra focus and determination to reach your goals. Remember, a healthy body is a healthy mind!